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New advancements include integration for social media data integration and flexible licensing

HOUSTON –  Stone Bond Technologies, L.P.  announces the newest release of their flagship offering Enterprise Enabler Virtuoso™, a multi-application data integration solution, further solving the complex problems associated with data virtualization, federation and orchestration.

According to Forrester Research Inc., proprietary data management software vendors will increasingly add “big data” processing capabilities to their portfolios in the near future, something that Stone Bond has been doing quietly for years. While “big data” might be the hot topic of the moment and in turn is the recipient of billions of investor dollars, Stone Bond is the only company delivering on the real industry pain point of time-to-value and has evolved their integration technology to further prove that.

Enterprise Enabler Virtuoso provides the line-of-business and enterprise user a single, integrated environment to develop, test, deploy and monitor the real-time access and availability of information, without any back-end programming or staging database.

Pamela Szabo,  Stone Bond Chief Technology Officer  commented that, “Our Virtuoso release further delivers on the increasing demand for cross and multi-application integrations by adding new features that help our customers further reduce their time-to-value for software integration.

Unlike other solutions on the market today, this metadata-driven tool allows for the creation of cross-application, bi-directional data relationships without the use of traditional adapters, which are replaced with Stone Bond’s AppComms — an intelligent adapter technology, that is reusable across similar instances of an application and aware of and communicates with other AppComms in separate applications.

Enterprise Enabler© delivers a flexible, value-driven solution for data integration, which is especially important to organizations that need real-time access to data, without the need of staging databases.”

With Stone Bond’s customers increasingly turning to leverage social media, new AppComms have been developed that seek and orchestrate data from a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As with all AppComms, the data can be leveraged at the line-of-business level and enterprise, with both on-premise and SaaS data sources.

The new auto-generation of web services for federated virtual data delivery feature provides a bi-directional, end-user-aware mechanism for accessing, aligning and writing, multiple back-end systems. This will allow the power of Enterprise Enabler to be accessible for embedding in applications that are Java/Unix-based, in addition to .NET applications.

Additional new features of Enterprise Enabler Virtuoso include:

  • Performance enhancements to EE Database;
  • Performance enhancements to SQL Replication trigger;
  • Filter pass-through to source for ADO.NET and SharePoint 2010 Custom Connector for reduced runtime, in addition to increased network performance and reduced engine-processing time;
  • Auto-deploy functionality for proxy assemblies generated by Enterprise Enabler;
  • Enhanced auto-application-updater module;
  • Software development kits (SDK) for AppComm template building, simple AppComm building and complex AppComm building.

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