Oil & Gas


Enterprise Enabler represents a dramatic leap in integration technology, a powerful suite of intelligent solutions that meets the infinite dynamic integration demands of all sectors of the energy industry. Whether your enterprise is upstream or downstream, WITSML, PIDX, OPC and other industry standards are supported and any kind of decision-support applications (such as PIMS, MIMI, BLEND, ADVISOR, etc.) and instrumentation and inventory management systems have connectability.

Enterprise Enabler is easily configured to interoperate with leading databases, applications, in-house systems and architecture. Business initiatives like Business Process Optimization, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, CRM, Supply Chain Optimization, Data Standards, Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance requirements are securely accomplished without several manual data entry steps or any opportunities for error. If you want the synergy of connecting “front office” upstream software applications to obtain even larger revenue enhancement and fine tuning of parameters for increased production, while helping to avoid unexpected shut downs then your organization needs the agile integration software of Enterprise Enabler.



Enterprise Enabler accelerates prospect evaluation with a complete integrated framework for well log data, reservoir simulation, pipeline/facility simulation, geographic interpretation and economic modeling systems. EE facilitates quick geoscience data and application integrity and without custom adapters. EE maintains data integrity and reliability, improves reservoir modeling, synchronizes data between project databases, reduces capitol and operating costs, and enables faster evaluation and development of new fields for better quality investment decisions.



Enterprise Enabler addresses the challenges of the digital oilfields by providing and integrated framework that can quickly and economically link disparate systems and work processes involved in field-wide optimization. Benefits include enterprise application integration, data-into-knowledge transformation to optimize upstream assets, data integrity and reliability, lower operating costs, higher revenue, and automated pre-defined business processes launched as events or conditions dictate.



Enterprise Enabler streamlines and facilitates the merger and acquisition process with fast and economical integration of the OT infrastructure between businesses or assets, especially important for those systems performing production and financial reporting. Benefits include creating collaborative work processes between departments and companies, securing data flow between divisions through intelligent connectivity, and auditing.



The oil and gas supply chain is highly complex with countless links that are subject to security breaches. Enterprise Enabler is an environment for data integration and workflow that ensures security and integrity of the data and the infrastructure in multiple ways. System login, which can be inherited from existing authorization or a corporate single sign-on, ensures that only individuals who have very specific permissions can build or modify the infrastructure and data flows. Encryption/decryption is only a mouse-click away, and data validation is inherent to EE. Complete audit trails are maintained for all changes in applications and in the infrastructure, performs an impact analysis, notifies appropriate personnel, and manages the human/computer process of reconciling the changes.



Enterprise Enabler makes integration between trading partners economically feasible by consolidating and transforming data from multiple source systems to multiple destinations for faster connectivity and better communication. Supporting common communications standards such as PIDX and RosettaNet, EE enables rapid implementation, automates and streamlines workflow process, and provides and 360-degree view of the supply chain. EE’s automation capabilities decrease paperwork, eliminate human error, increase accuracy, improve productivity, facilitate faster financial settlement (dramatic DSO reduction), and enhance customer satisfaction.



Enterprise Enabler’s “plug-and-play” integration framework supports each partner company’s business strategy and reporting requirements while addressing the security challenges that joint venture relationships present. EE benefits include faster data and deal flow, high data integrity and security, flexibility in adding or changing joint venture partners, improved asset liquidity by reducing in rapid and secure reporting between joint venture partners.