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Stone Bond certifies SharePoint 2013 for use with Enterprise Enabler

HOUSTON, TX –  Stone Bond Technologies, L.P., today announced that it has certified the SharePoint 2013 environment for use with Enterprise Enabler. This latest certification builds on Stone Bond’s long standing commitment to make Enterprise Enabler the easiest and fastest software integration and virtualization layer between SharePoint and any other data in the company’s data enterprise. This includes Software Applications (ERP and Line of Business), Devices, Databases, Data Standards, Big Data and Cloud Based Applications. Customers that adopted Enterprise Enabler as their connectivity standard for SharePoint continue to have the benefit of a one click upgrade path to move their existing SharePoint integrations to other versions including SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. With Enterprise Enabler, Stone Bond Technologies is a leading provider of integration software for data virtualization, federation and orchestration, delivering the fastest time-to-value for customers.

With SharePoint 2013’s OData connectivity, developers have more options for leveraging Enterprise Enabler’scomplex federation across multiple disparate sources, and providing end users secure write-back to those sources. Enterprise Enabler connects to and defines any external data sources, transforms, federates and validates them and then auto-generates the BCS definition, allowing the data to be accessible within SharePoint 2013 without the data ever having to be physically moved to SharePoint although it could be if needed. All of this is fully create, read, update and delete (CRUD) enabled at the source with proper credentials. Lists and TermSets in SharePoint 2013 continue to be compatible with Enterprise Enabler integration. “We found that our Fortune 500 customers were beginning to build and implement roadmaps to upgrade their SharePoint 2010 servers to SharePoint 2013. Having worked closely with the Microsoft development team for 2010, we wanted to ensure that SharePoint 2013 remained compatible in the tight integration with Enterprise Enabler that was first displayed by special invitation from Microsoft at the SharePoint Airlift Conference in Seattle.

We put SharePoint 2013 through a thorough and detailed testing process to assure the integrity of our customer’s integrations in that environment.” said Pamela Szabo, CTO at Stone Bond Technologies. “Many of our customers are connecting to and federating mission critical information from Big Data, The Cloud, and On-Premise applications, databases, instruments and devices. They rely on Enterprise Enabler for scalability and reliability in these integrations.”

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Stone Bond Technologies, L.P. is the provider of Enterprise Enabler®, the leading business integration software for EAI, ETL, Data Virtualization, Federation, and Orchestration delivering the industry’s fastest time-to-value. As the only integration solution to scale both up and down to meet business needs, Stone Bond provides a middleware platform that helps businesses improve their bottom line by streamlining interaction among business systems. To contact Stone Bond Technologies, call +1 713 622-8798, visit them at the Web at, or follow them on twitter @StoneBond

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