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Customers can now execute seamless, “out of the box” integrations between data systems such as ERP, HR, line-of-business solutions and legacy applications HOUSTON, TX – Stone Bond Technologies, L.P., today announced it has launched Enterprise Enabler on’s AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with customers, partners and employees, in entirely new ways. With Enterprise Enabler, Stone Bond Technologies is a leading provider of integration software for data virtualization, federation and orchestration, delivering fast time-to value for customers. With this new application, Stone Bond enables customers to connect Salesforce to all other data sources within their environment. Built on the Salesforce Platform, the world’s leading cloud platform for social and mobile business apps, Stone Bond Technologies is currently available on the AppExchange at • “We found that our customers were beginning to use Salesforce as a hybrid portal to data from external sources both within their company and from the public domain via the web. It made sense to engage these customers early in the delivery cycle and streamline the purchasing process by making our software directly available on AppExchange,” said Tom Sieger SVP of Business Development and Strategy at Stone Bond Technologies. • “The future of enterprise apps is social, mobile and connected,” said Leyla Seka, vice president AppExchange and Partner Operations, “With Enterprise Enabler, Stone Bond is providing customers with cutting edge data integration solutions to help drive business transformation through social and mobile cloud technologies.” Key Product Features: Large enterprise customers often face the challenge of utilizing and making sense of all the data they encounter on a daily basis – whether it comes from cloud-based applications, existing business and corporate systems or social networks. Using Enterprise Enabler to simplify and automate the effort associated with identifying, aligning, merging and transforming the valuable pieces of data across all these systems, customers gain significant market advantages. Most notable amongst these is the rapid and agile delivery of any on-premise or cloud data required by customer facing employees within the Salesforce interface. This effectively allows customers to access Salesforce as a secure internal corporate portal for business and customer data. customers can leverage Enterprise Enabler to gain bi-directional access to data from any source application, database, device or standard from within their Salesforce environment without having to manually input sensitive information to the cloud. Customers also have immediate access to templates, maps, processes and integration logic to deliver the same data in any integration modality, such as EAI, ETL, Virtualization and Federation, to and from multiple on-premise and cloud based sources. This eliminates ongoing maintenance overhead created by hard coded middleware and connectivity solutions. About the AppExchange The Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading business apps marketplace. With more than 1,800 partner apps and 1.8 million installs it is the most comprehensive source of social and mobile cloud apps for business. The Salesforce Platform is the world’s most trusted and comprehensive cloud platform for building social and mobile cloud apps, powering Salesforce CRM, and more than 3 million custom apps built by customers and partners. Apps built on the Salesforce Platform can be easily distributed and marketed through’s AppExchange. Salesforce, AppExchange and others are trademarks of, inc. About Stone Bond Technologies Stone Bond Technologies, L.P. is the provider of Enterprise Enabler®, the leading business integration software for EAI, ETL, Data Virtualization, Federation, and Orchestration delivering the industry’s fastest time-to-value. As the only integration solution to scale both up and down to meet business needs, Stone Bond provides a middleware platform that helps businesses improve their bottom line by streamlining interaction among business systems. To contact Stone Bond Technologies, call +1 713 622-8798, visit them at the Web at, or follow them on twitter @StoneBond Enterprise Enabler is a registered trademark of Stone Bond Technologies, L.P. Other trade names used in this document are acknowledged to be the properties of their respective owners.

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