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Results Based Optimization delivers high value to clients

Houston TX – Nov 10, 2011 – Stone Bond Technologies, L.P., the leading producer of software to automate complex bi-directional aggregation, transformation and manipulation of data among multiple line-of-business applications has completed a review of client implementations that examines the result of deploying Enterprise Enabler Virtuoso, the companies’ integration product. The net message is that Enterprise Enabler is the only integration platform to deliver Results Based Optimization (RBO) regardless of source, i.e. devices, databases, applications, cloud, or structured/unstructured and semi-structured data.

Results Based Optimization is the moniker attached to the ability to drive out specific costs through effective use of tools. Some client-identified costs include disinvestment of existing integration solutions, reallocation of personnel and a reduction of TechDebt, which is inherent with any M&A activity or long term IT operation.

“It is not unusual for our clients to experience an immediate return on investment in excess of 300% on their initial investment with Stone Bond and Enterprise Enabler. Our clients challenge us every day to work with them to find new areas where they can focus our solution and provide additional value to their business”, stated Todd Brinegar, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Stone Bond.

A key advantage this software delivers is the time-to-value with which any integration project is completed. Additional advantages include unequalled security and scalability allowing customers to comply with all of the regulations under which they operate. As a result the software is particularly heavily used in industries where time-to-value and compliance are important. These include Oil & Gas, Utilities, Finance and Healthcare.

Companies choose Enterprise Enabler for the following reasons:

  • Reduction in internal IT costs and  IT consulting
  • More timely and accurate points of data in reporting leading to improved decision making Increased collaboration resulting in more efficient utilization of the workforce
  •  The virtual  elimination of ongoing maintenance for integrations reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • A reduced hardware footprint, as much of the data that would otherwise be staged can be accessed through virtual data sets·
  •  Reduced software costs, as this solution can displace many of the ETL/EAI tools at a fraction of the cost Unlike other solutions on the market today, this metadata-driven tool allows for the creation of cross application, bi-directional data relationships without the use of staging databases and traditional adapters, which are replaced with Stone Bond’s AppComms — an intelligent adapter technology, that is reusable across similar instances of an application and aware of and communicates with other AppComms in separate applications.



Stone Bond Technologies, L.P. is the leading provider of business integration software for software and data integration data virtualization, federation and orchestration delivering the industry’s fastest time-to-value. As the only integration solution to scale both up and down to meet business needs, Stone Bond provides software solutions that help businesses improve their bottom line by streamlining interaction among business systems.  To learn more about Stone Bond Technologies please visit,

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