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Stone Bond Technologies Builds Complex Multi-format Data Integration Solution for the Panama Canal

HOUSTON – Nov 9, 2011 – Stone Bond Technologies, L.P., the leading producer of EAI/ETL software to automate complex bi-directional aggregation, transformation and manipulation of data among multiple line-of-business applications, announced that it has completed a project developed for the Panama Canal Authority, which allows for the federation of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data in a single integrated environment. The new solution provides users the ability to manipulate data and perform complex trend analysis with unlimited disparate data sources.

Working with a Latin American systems integrator for The Panama Canal Authority, Stone Bond was presented with the interesting use case. With the new locks coming on line in 2013, the Canal needed to find an improved method of managing global data on shipping for capacity planning and scheduling. This data comes to all ports and transit authorities as a mixture of PDFs, Word documents, web pages, flat files, and spreadsheets, combined with web services from the more progressive data providers.  Historically, there has been a tremendous manual component to the processing and preparation of the data, which is not necessary with Stone Bond’s solution.

Antonio Szabo, President and CEO of Stone Bond stated, “When we were approached about this project we were given a briefing that included information that they, the Canal, had been unable to find a solution that met their needs. We were also informed the delivery time for our proof-of-concept, would be under five weeks. Our development team was able to have the prototype solution available within three weeks.”

Unlike other solutions on the market today, this metadata-driven tool allows for the creation of cross application, bi-directional data relationships without the use of traditional adapters, which are replaced with Stone Bond’s AppComms — an intelligent adapter technology, that is reusable across similar instances of an application and aware of and communicates with other AppComms in separate applications.



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