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Stone Bond Technologies, a leading provider for solutions that enable federated access to disparate data sources, has announced a major promotion to help the Oil and Gas industry reduce IT costs and improve business data analysis and processes. 

The Oil and Gas industry is currently roiled by global economic turmoil, untamed competition, and mind-numbing price swings, energy companies must be bold about transforming their business models, which means that they must make accurate business decisions based on accurate data. This down turn has caused lower profits, furloughed employees and rising IT expenses for ETL, EAI, and ESB tools by Oracle, IBM, Informatica, Tibco to name a few. 

Stone Bond has been serving companies in the Oil and Gas industry for many years and recognizes the urgent cost reduction needs to address current market conditions. Every penny counts and when it comes to integration infrastructure those pennies really add up to tens of millions of dollars being spent. 

Antonio Szabo a former Oil Executive and Founder, CEO and President of Stone Bond Technologies stated to that industry, “I understand directly the tough situation you and your company are going through. I have carefully analyzed the oil price situation and I do not see a better price scenario any time soon. At any rate low prices are a better planning basis. Cutting costs is the generic answer. Your company has made a great investment (probably growing) in application and data integration, virtualization solutions. Many of you have more than one or two providers. Your cost base just in this area is in tens of millions of dollars. This is a key area of improvement both in cost reduction and in improved data visibility.”

The solution? Stone Bond Technologies will provide Enterprise Enabler as a turnkey replacement of any and all integration components and guarantee a minimum 30% cost reduction to the Oil and Gas Industry! Not just once but year after year while also providing connectivity to more sources with less development in real time.

“Enterprise Enabler® has created new information horizons for WCA. We now have the ability to consolidate, share and analyze millions of records in minutes across different systems and platforms. It doesn’t matter if our data resides in the cloud, databases, flat files, or spreadsheets. The Stone Bond platform has given us a view to our company data that we could only dream about months ago. In fact what used to require 12 people from different business units and more than 4 days, can now be accomplished in 1 minute with Enterprise Enabler”, said Vice President – Information Systems WCA 

Oil and Gas related enterprises qualify for the full turn-key solution of software, hardware and services, replacing current high cost, high maintenance, data integration infrastructure with new state of the art agile integration.  Stone Bond delivers higher security, more complete audit capabilities, tremendous scalability and ongoing end to end monitoring of the entire data integration environment with its patented technology all within a single easy to use Integrated Development Environment across all data sources.

The company is providing a free comprehensive assessment and report that will detail company’s current costs, assess possible holes in meeting business requirements and provide a detailed replacement and cost reduction plan. While a minimum of 30% cost savings are guaranteed “site” unseen, actual savings could be even greater. 

Request your free comprehensive assessment here. 

Founded in 2002, Stone Bond possesses a unique “out of the box” solution in the integration marketplace. Enterprise Enabler® is the industry’s leading comprehensive enterprise integration solution for agile application and data integration, virtualization and federation. Enterprise Enabler® provides effective solutions for Energy , Financial Service, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Hospitality, Academic Institutions and Manufacturing industries by combining the real-time availability of information with the business logic that drives data movement and faster time-to-value for IT solution investments already made by their clients. Stone Bond’s commitment to innovation drives Enterprise Enabler® to connect and talk natively to over 400 different data sources, and that list grows every day. The program’s list of unique AppComms™ technology that replaces traditional legacy adapters and accommodates cloud systems, big data, databases, applications, and electronic control devices for the widest range of out-of-the-box enterprise connectivity. CEO Antonio Szabo explains, “At Stone Bond, innovation is more than just adding features to existing offerings. Our approach to information business systems is to make an enterprise’s data agile: to move efficient and easily, without barriers. More than just besting competitors, we strive to enhance our offerings to accommodate the continuously changing metadata requirements of our customer’s customers.” 

To learn more about how Enterprise Enabler® can make data agile and virtually federated in an integrated environment in ways previously unimaginable click here.

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