Enterprise Enabler (EE) is the leading data & application integration software technology

Connects Anything to Everything

Whether in the cloud, spread across siloed databases, on instruments, in Big Data stores, or within various spreadsheets/documents, Enterprise Enabler can integrate all your data so you can make informed business decisions based on real-time data. Yes, this means you can analyze business data as it is occurring to maximize the use of assets, minimize costs, and improve/refine your business processes.

Powered by Data Federation and Data Virtualization

For starters, our customers report deploying solutions 90% faster with Enterprise Enabler than any other ETL/EAI or Data Virtualization solution on the market.

Patented monitoring of your end to end data stack means your integrations are constantly monitored at the source and throughout the flow of information. This means that your integrations will operate consistently even when source schemas are changed. You can be saved from a potential IT nightmare!

The ability to configure write-back to sources with a single click, makes it easy to ensure consistency and validity of Enterprise data. Moreover, these features are just the beginning of Enterprise Enablers breadth of capabilities.

Customers report deploying technology up to 90% faster with Enterprise Enabler

EE Key Differentiators:

  • Quickly adjust and adapt to the changing needs of the business with EE’s agile UI
  • Incorporates Data Virtualization, ETL, EAI, SOA and MDS in a single platform
  • No need to leave the environment to write custom code snippets
  • Able to connect to any databases; instruments, Big Data, Cloud, and applications
  • Automatically generate and host query-able virtual models (ODBC, JDBC, SOAP, REST, oData, ADO.Net, BDC/BCS, etc.)

What’s Included:

  • Enterprise Enabler Studio
  • AppComm connectivity for all your sources

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If you haven’t begun your Data Virtualization project, or your current project isn't going well, then check out Enterprise Enabler

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