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HOUSTON, TEXAS JUNE, 17, 2014– Stone Bond Technologies’ Enterprise Enabler® Server Platform has been selected by another one of North America’s top 25 oil and gas providers as their agile data integration solution.

The oil and gas company has more than 25,000 wells in more than 15 states and is continually acquiring, enhancing, and selling onshore properties. By focusing on proven reserves and meaningful development drilling upside it manages nearly 5 million acres of shale and basin plays currently under lease. With multiple assets generating an enormous amount of data and metadata, the company needs accurate and relevant data to be federated and validated for critical distribution of reports on well reserves, mineral royalties, and SEC filings, as well as data to propel and support their acquisition initiatives. New well acquisition and operating a separate buy-and-hold entity compounded the problem and created the potential for stalled growth, missed opportunities, and decreased profitability of assets and time-to value. The company was formerly using an open text SSQL-based database system and SharePoint for reporting mechanisms.

Enterprise Enabler® was selected over competitors like Denodo, Composite and Informatica for the unique ability to virtualize metadata without any kind of staging process and the agility afforded by being able to federate data on the fly. Additionally, all of the organization’s data sources, some of which are custom and industry-specific, are able to talk natively without any internal IT architecture allowing for true bi-directional flow of data.

About StoneBond Technologies
Founded in 2002, Stone Bond possesses a unique “out of the box” solution in the integration marketplace. Enterprise Enabler® is the industry’s leading comprehensive enterprise integration solution for agile application and data integration, virtualization and federation. Enterprise Enabler® provides effective solutions for Energy , Financial Service, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Hospitality, Academic Institutions and Manufacturing industries by combining the real-time availability of information with the business logic that drives data movement and faster time-to-value for IT solution investments already made by their clients. Stone Bond’s commitment to innovation drives Enterprise Enabler® to connect and talk natively to over 400 different data sources, and that list grows every day. The program’s list of unique AppComms™ technology that replaces traditional legacy adapters and accommodates cloud systems, big data, databases, applications, and electronic control devices for the widest range of out-of-the-box enterprise connectivity. CEO Antonio Szabo explains, “At Stone Bond, innovation is more than just adding features to existing offerings. Our approach to information business systems is to make an enterprise’s data agile: to move efficient and easily, without barriers. More than just besting competitors, we strive to enhance our offerings to accommodate the continuously changing metadata requirements of our customer’s customers.”

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