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For the first time ever Stone Bond Technologies is offering a free 30-day trial of its best in class data virtualization platform, Enterprise Enabler®.

The free 30-day trial includes the full Enterprise Enabler Studio platform with the ability to connect to hundreds of data sources right out-of-the-box. Sources include SAP, SQL, Oracle, Salesforce, XML, Sharepoint, Hadoop and many more!

The trial also includes access to EE’s online Knowledge Base, Step-by-step Installation guide and Quick Start guide, so you can get up and running quickly.

The 30-day free trial is available now on

About Enterprise Enabler
Enterprise Enabler’s® (EE) data virtualization platform removes all technical barriers between business units so that any data in any format can be viewed, shared, and consumed. It reduces the risk of data inconsistencies and misrouted information within your organization by delivering an advanced, best-in-class solution for the integration, federation and virtualization of all your data. With EE’s exceptional graphical interface and its Integration Integrity Manager (IIM), you can configure, modify, and manage your corporate data flows and systems without any programming.

The primary focus of EE is to solve the application integration issues for a company so that all corporate data flows are configured, modified, and managed by one system, with literally no programming required. EE is scalable and can handle anything from one interface between two applications to managing a complete enterprise data environment.

About Data Virtualization
Data Virtualization is the fastest and easiest way to integrate, federate and transform data from multiple data sources into a single unified set of information. The data can then be easily accessed or shared into other applications, such as Business Intelligence tools, without being replicated, resulting in real-time, on-demand access to a “virtual” data layer. Thus eliminating the costly need for the purchase and maintenance of traditional data warehouses.

About Stone Bond Technologies
Stone Bond Technologies’ Enterprise Enabler data virtualization platform provides agile, fast, data integration and federation across the enterprise. Whether in the cloud, spread across siloed databases or within various spreadsheets, Enterprise Enabler is able to bring your data together by using its powerful one-of-a-kind AppComm™ technology.
With the fastest time to value in the marketplace, our customers consistently report a 70% – 90% cost and time savings.

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