Industry Software Integration

Enterprise Enabler® offers a comprehensive solution that integrates your enterprise data from any source and delivers it where you need it, all in real-time, and secure. Enterprise Enabler connects data from all enterprise systems through a technique called data virtualization and federation. Once virtualization and federation are in place, data can be leveraged to provide users with data as they need.

Stone Bond Technologies understands the challenges that business executives and decision-makers face. We provide an honest assessment of your architecture to configure agile comprehensive solutions. Enterprise Enabler actually is a drag and drop, out of the box, enterprise integration solution that business analysts can deploy without programmers. There are many benefits to our product such as:

  • Receive real-time data you can depend on
  • Save 70% to 90% of traditional integration cost
  • Hadoop & NoSQL into traditional enterprise SQL queries

We truly are the only software company that specializes in data integration that can claim we are better, faster, and offer the best time-to-value. Once more, we have the patents and the customers to prove it!