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HOUSTON, TX – June 19, 2017 – Stone Bond Technologies, a leading Integration and Data Virtualization (DV) software solution provider, announced another first today with the addition of direct access to Enterprise Enabler’s® (EE) integration engines via API.  This new capability allows developers to leverage a single user interface further simplifying EE deployments to generate even higher ROI through improved time-to-value.

Stone Bond’s customers and partners will access this new capability through their own native interfaces as needed to engage the powerful integration logic of Enterprise Enabler, reducing deployment timelines and simplifying the experience for the business user.  With this powerful new capability, developers can provide more control over the End User experience without the risks and potential complications of Open Source software.

About Stone Bond Technologies

Stone Bond Technologies leads the way in Data Virtualization through products like Enterprise Enabler. We make an enterprise’s data agile providing new capabilities and insights to the whole organization from the data scientists to the front-line business users. Stone Bond’s customers have improved their efficiency and lowered their costs by relying on Stone Bond to deliver results.

About Enterprise Enabler®

Enterprise Enabler provides a superior alternative to the legacy data delivery process by creating logical views of data from the original source locations, eliminating much of the complexity created by data silos that proliferate across the enterprise. The result is a consistent interface regardless of data source or location, quickly putting the benefits of Agile ETL™ and Data Virtualization in the hand’s developers and of business users.

For more details or to learn more about how Stone Bond can make an impact for you today at www.stonebond.comEnterprise Enabler is a registered trademark of Stone Bond Technologies, L.P.

Antonio Szabo, CEO, said “We are excited to extend further Enterprise Enabler’s already industry leading time-to-value and ROI metrics.  By providing API access to EE’s core integration and virtualization engines, we have further empowered developers and systems integrators to deliver exceptional value to their business users and clients.”



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