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Stone Bond’s Enterprise Enabler® is the only data integration platform you need to fulfill
100% of your enterprise integration needs. This leading edge Agile Data Integration Platform simplifies configuring integrations and reduces implementation, maintenance, & IT expenses.

Carrying less tech debt means more time for transaction responses
and performing analytics to make decisions that support optimal
business performance.

Virtualization & more from a single Data Integration Platform

Why jump from tool to tool?

With Enterprise Enabler, you have everything right there where you need it, when you need it.

Enterprise Enabler is a stand-alone data integration platform for discovering, configuring, deploying, testing, and monitoring all modes of integration. It is the foundation for Data Virtualization, ETL, ESB, SOA, and EAI, and any composite patterns you need. Incorporate databases, applications, IOT, Big Data…anything that can communicate electronically, combine live data from them, and you’re off and running. Your work can be done exponentially faster and with minimal user errors when you’re not jumping back and forth among various tool sets, dev environments, test environments, and patching dissimilar pieces together. Stone Bond’s enterprise-grade data integration platform is the only one your company will ever need.

No other single platform can:

  • Access data and write data to any kind of endpoint – live
  • Federate disparate data across multiple sources
  • Align, validate, filter, and transform to ensure the data makes sense at the receiving endpoint physical or virtual
  • Apply business logic
  • Cache in memory or on disk, as needed
Data Virtualization

Give Data Virtualization a Try!

EMSImagine a data integration platform that doesn’t rely on Data Warehouse or for-purpose staging databases. No more weeks, months, or years of design and implementation of the data stores, development of many ETL data loads, design of synchronization strategies and development of those data syncs.

Enterprise Enabler’s Data Virtualization eliminates all of these expensive steps. Simply decide what data you need, point to the sources, select the data from each source, build relationships across them and indicate what type of services you want to have automatically generated (JDBC, ODBC, REST OData, etc.). Your application, dashboard, BI/BA tool, simply makes a query and Enterprise Enabler reaches out live to each source, combines and transforms the data, applies the query logic, and delivers exactly the data you need. In fact, you can even write back securely to the sources with auto-configured data flows.
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Metadata-Driven Environment Makes the Difference

Enterprise Enabler is a 100% metadata-driven environment. Every configuration instruction is captured in reusable objects and stored in the metadata repository. The metadata stack can be traversed to trace the lineage of data, to analyze all of the enterprise connectivity, and to ensure that there are no conflicts in anticipated schemas or reused components. If a rogue DBA makes a change to a database that conflicts with assumptions made by any integration touch point, notifications/alarms will be sent, so it can be corrected before causing a
potentially catastrophic result.
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Connect Metadata

Agility: Preparing for the Unexpected

It’s a fact of life that business requirements change, and the pace of change keeps growing.

hero_elevation_laddermainmediumLikely, with your legacy data management infrastructure, the concept of change stops everyone in their tracks and sends a chill down their backs. However, with Enterprise Enabler, you simply open up the Design Studio to apply the change, test, and deploy within minutes. Conflicts are detected and reported by the Integration Integrity Manager before deployment and after correcting the issue.
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