The Logical Data Warehouse

Leveraging Data Virtualization for Next Generation Data Warehouses
We are entering a new age for Enterprise Architecture that will clearly define competitive advantage for those that choose to adopt it. The discussion is being held on every front, and with many variations. The crux of the issue is the inexorable force pushing the enterprise forward to catch up with the surge of digital devices, cloud opportunities, and the constant barrage and demands for next generation Business Intelligence. Full Whitepaper»

Data Virtualization and Your Business

What Does Data Virtualization Bring To Your Business
Business leaders today are constantly assailed with challenges that must be met and decisions that must be made with respect to information technology. Some choose to abdicate to the IT people, not feeling they have the knowledge to take a solid stand. Others rely on the IT consultants that have taken up residence. Can you really count on these people to carry the same sense of responsibility you do to the business itself?  Full Whitepaper »

Data Virtualization with SharePoint 2013

The Synergy of SharePoint and Data Virtualization
It’s a powerful combination: Data Virtualization and SharePoint. The most recent releases of SharePoint, 2010 and 2013, support broader-than-ever opportunities for data integration and data-centric implementations. SharePoint has evolved to include its availability as a service in the cloud and a hybrid architecture, along with its, fully on premise model…  Full Whitepaper »

Data Virtualization and Federation

The time has come for data virtualization and federation to step up to the plate. There have been waves of hype around the subject for many years, and although most approaches have had solid theoretical foundations, they have simply been too complex to implement and maintain in an ever-changing environment. Today’s demand and expectation by business end users for information has come in part from the overwhelming surge of social media and information access…  Full Whitepaper »

Enterprise Enabler® and SharePoint 2010

Why SharePoint Needs Enterprise Enabler
SharePoint 2010 represents a significant milestone for Microsoft. This release evolves the SharePoint line from a document workflow and file sharing service with some collaboration into an enterprise platform for many different information applications and end user scenarios. Tightly integrated with SharePoint 2010, Stone Bond’s Enterprise Enabler® significantly enhances the data interaction capabilities of SharePoint. This is true with all manner of applications and data sources, leveraging Enterprise Enabler’s data virtualization and federation features…  Full Whitepaper »

Agile Enterprise Integration Software

Why Agile Integration Software?
We hear so much these days about agile enterprises and agility in software, but what does that mean? An agile enterprise responds quickly to unexpected opportunities, buys companies and spins some off. It changes the product line to accommodate surprise trends, and can change its business processes almost overnight…  Full Whitepaper »

Enterprise Enabler® and Salesforce

Incorporate on-premise data virtually, without it leaving your systems
Enterprise Enabler supports a substantially more secure and flexible model than other integration platforms that offer SaaS connectivity. By allowing data to remain securely behind your firewall, yet making it virtually available on your Salesforce.com screen, Enterprise Enabler helps you overcome the most common concern of many organizations with respect to subscribing figuratively and literally to SaaS…  Full Whitepaper »

Agile Integration Software Essentials

The Compelling Need For Agile Integration
We live at an ever-increasing rate of change, particularly in information technology. Just twenty years ago cell phones barely existed, and it is clear that cell phones have made a huge impact on corporate success. If there are any companies not partaking, they are certainly not competing. How can CIOs think their business should still be run on the integration products of 20 years ago just because big software companies provide them…  Full Whitepaper »

Inspiring New Patterns For Data Integration

The Inspiration 
A new paradigm for agile data integration has given rise to formerly impossible architectures and solutions for data handling. One of these is now commonly referred to as “federation and virtualization,” which facilitates the ability to bring together disparate data meaningfully for end users to view and drill down. Even more powerfully, users can interact with the data so that changes are posted back to the original sources…  Full Whitepaper »

Creating an Agile Data Integration Platform using Data Virtualization

Management Summary
Through the years, many organizations have built up massive amounts of enterprise data. Unfortunately, all this data is dispersed over many systems all using different technologies. This dispersion has several disadvantages. First, it has a negative impact on the quality of data. Second, it’s hard for business users to get an integrated view of all the data. To the users, it feels as if enterprise data is deeply buried underneath a mountain of poorly integrated IT systems— as if it has been hidden in a data labyrinth…  Full Whitepaper »

Third generation of Data Virtualization

A New Generation Of Data Virtualization
Data Virtualization enters its third generation with Stone Bond Technologies’ Enterprise Enabler   , an Agile Integration Software (AIS). Early data virtualization consisted of creating virtual data models and specialized programming that supported queries across federated data stores, in some cases eliminating the need to create a physical database. [e.g., Informatica]  Full Whitepaper »

Enterprise Enabler - Security and Goverance

Data Security and Governance with Enterprise Enabler®
A holistic view of enterprise data security must include careful scrutiny of all the mechanisms and tools used to move data into, throughout, and outside to business partners of the company. This puts a strong focus on the enterprise middleware products integration architectures, and solutions that deal with sensitive data. Stone Bond Technologies’ Enterprise Enabler® (EE) platform provides a rich system of security and assurance across the integrated environment that extends to data exchanges with outside entities.  Full Whitepaper »