SharePoint Data Integration

Stone Bond Technologies brings an unparalleled level of agility and connectivity to SharePoint through Enterprise Enabler® (EE). Whether you are using SharePoint’s BCS, writing applications that need external data, or needing to provide your Business Analytics with query-able services, our one-of-a-kind Data Virtualization platform makes integration very easy and fast.

Enterprise Enabler is the only .Net based data virtualization platform, and is the product that Microsoft used to test its early BCS capabilities, including federation and write-back to the sources.

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Data Integration and Virtualization for SharePoint

Access all of your enterprise & cloud data live, without staging.

Provides otherwise unsupported capabilities:

  • Data federation and virtualization
  • Data transformation
  • Data filtering
  • Query as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.Net, REST, SOA, etc.
  • Combine and align multiple unlike sources
  • Mix on-premise and in cloud
Use Case Examples:

Integration Use Case Examples for SharePoint Customers:

  • Synchronization of Salesforce and SharePoint customer data
  • Automated validation and movement of SharePoint ledger entries into SAP or other ERPs
  • Portal mashup between real-time location data (web services) and SharePoint data

Our customers have greatly benefited from Enterprise Enabler’s Data Virtualization. Now they can relate their SharePoint data to other data sources, web services, and applications, providing a clear view of all their data sources in one unified environment.
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How It Works:

Enterprise Enabler is a single platform from which you can configure, test, deploy, and monitor all integration patterns, including bi-directional data virtualization. For data virtualization, you simply point to each source, select the data that EE discovers, and federate them just like you would do with tables in a database. Complex data transformations can be configured as part of the exercise, with unlimited capabilities from using the built-in .Net editors and compilers.

Use the configuration as ETL, and/or have EE package and host query-able services such as ODBC, JDBC, SOA, BCS, OData and REST with a single button.
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Customer Advantages:
  • Access data from virtually any source without programming
  • Reduce development and sub sequent maintenance time and cost
  • Deliver a seamless and transparent deployment into the SharePoint environment
  • Eliminate customization or intrusive modifications to the SharePoint portal platform
  • Provide a se cure, auditable, 100% .N ET-based environment for connectivity to SharePoint
  • Generate automatically BDC metadata
  • Create virtual relationships across disparate sources
  • Implement semantic alignment and transformation of da ta from unlike source
  • Configure inbound and outbound integration to conform to most standards for data formats, encryption, packaging, and transport