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Experience the agility, speed, and ease of integration between Salesforce (SFDC) & Azure DevOps (formerly TFS) using Enterprise Enabler®. Enterprise Enabler’s (EE) Salesforce and Azure DevOps connectors provide bi-directional synchronization of Cases, Tasks, Bugs, Feature Requests, and more.

Key Benefits

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Faster integration between Salesforce to Azure DevOps (formerly TFS)
Reduce development costs
Improve customer support

Common Uses

  • Perform bi-directional updates
  • Reverse Synchronization
  • Customize and map fields between TFS and Salesforce
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As the data is moving between Salesforce to Azure DevOps, while using Enterprise Enabler’s Active Integration Interface (Aii), it can be transformed and cleansed. The bi-directional & reverse synchronization can be triggered in several ways through EE’s Process Workflow:

  • Scheduler
  • WebHook
  • File Watcher
  • WCF Receive
  • Along with many other options within EE
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EE 10 Active Integration Interface

Azure DevOps to Salesforce integration with Enterprise Enabler Aii


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