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Industry: Healthcare

Location: USA


About HBCS: In 1985, HBCS exclusively served the healthcare industry, with an emphasis on patient account resolution and follow-up services in the areas of insurance (governmental and non-governmental) and self-pay accounts. Though HBCS was initially known to be a non-profit, they became a for-profit corporation on October 1, 2009. Their healthcare focus is dedicated to the intricacies of the healthcare reimbursement environment. Healthcare organizations which utilize HBCS realize significant increases in revenue, improved cash flow, reduced operating costs, and lower bad-debt expenses.

Business Need:

Reduce the time it took to move and combine the data of their operational database management system (InterSystems Cache) to their relational database management system (SQL Server databases). Ideally, they wanted to automate and streamline the manual process of moving data from both systems.

Before partnering with Stone Bond Technologies, HBCS use to move the data manually one table at a time every morning. This process would take up precious hours every day, and in the end, users couldn’t take any action until this tedious process was completed.

SBT Solution:

With Stone Bond Technologies Enterprise Enabler® (EE) technology, HBCS not only reduced the time it took to populate the data into the relational databases but with EE’s Process Workflow Designer capabilities, it was able to pre-set when this automation process took place.

By automating and streamlining their data, HBCS also reduced their operational risks as there wasn’t any manual process required.

Read the full HBCS Use Case to see their immediate return on investment.

Why Selected:

Using Enterprise Enabler®s Agile ETL and Workflow Designer, HBCS automated their process of moving data from InterSystems Cache to SQL Server in less time and with less valuable resources.

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