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Designed for the tech savvy & business users

Enterprise Enabler® 10

Enterprise Enabler® 10 goes farther than unifying scattered sources; it enables and connects IT & Business Users

This update caters both to the tech-savvy and day-to-day business users by exposing the data in a user-friendly manner.  The new middleware features including the enhanced interface are meant for all user to easily find what they are looking for no matter if they are a novice or expert user of Enterprise Enabler (EE).

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New Middleware Features

  • Data Catalog – An alternative way to search for the data in the new interface
  • Quick Start – Appeals to business users, as it walks you step by step through the navigation and configuration using the new enhanced interface
  • Data Lineage – Identify the origin of data set, final destination, formulas, business rules and anything in between
  • Fast Virtualization – Simple drag & drop to auto-generate virtual models that can be consumed by BI reports, web services, and applications in a matter of a few minutes/seconds. See for yourself 
  • Query Plans & Analyze Screens –Adjust or create new configuration settings on the fly. Save time analyzing the set configuration so you can effectively execute and access data faster than before
  • Data Masking & Data Obfuscation – Security to help keep sensitive information private. Control partial/full view user to ensure no unauthorized users have access. Supports GDPR compliance, RLS, CLS. Learn more about EE10 security by scheduling a call with one of our experts.
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  • Self Service Web Portal – geared towards Data Stewards and Data Scientists who can access and sanction the data models from the web portal regardless of location
  • Enterprise Enabler Console – Launch all EE 10 features in one place:
    • Enterprise Enabler Studio
    • Self-service Portal
    • Web APIs
    • Documentation
    • And Many More

See For Yourself

New Feature: Fast Virtualization

Enterprise is Scalable to Your Business Needs & is Offered in 3 Different Formats

Best for single use case and for those who want to test our product without the commitment of the Enterprise Version.


Designed for the cloud with no need for additional installation and setup. Scalable to demonstrate value and is ideal for both small and large corporations. Visit AWS Site


Ready to invest in your business? This edition is the most robust and is available on premise, cloud, or can take a hybrid approach.