Process Designer


The Enterprise Enabler® Process Designer is used to automate the integration, development, and execute the overall control structure of integrated applications. It is a unique combination of application integration, development tools, and a process engine.

As an intuitive GUI-driven tool, the Process Designer enables the user to build integration and composite applications with little to no programming knowledge. This means reduced development and deployment time for you integration implementation.

Process Flow Design
  • Visually model, create, update and maintain data flows that automate and enhance existing business systems and processes
  • A simple drag and drop interface for users to quickly create a process, document business rules and optimize executions
  • Ability to create enhanced integration and data quality functions with easy to define programming
  • BPMN standards based notation for flows with a powerful, full-featured orchestration engine for automated process execution.
  • Support for decision nodes, sub-processes, exception handling, forks and joins and loops allows execution of process flows of almost any complexity
  • Typically a real-time event triggers the process flow – when a process flow is triggered the Process Engine takes over to execute the process flow

In the past, building a complex integrated environment required several software tools, usually a combination of BPM and EAI tools with each one working differently. A tremendous amount of work was required to make sure that all of these tools worked together in some useful way. Because of the complexity of the multi-tool environment, maintenance of the finished environment or composite application was challenging.

At the same time, Enterprise Enabler is interoperable with other Integration Tools using standard protocols such as web services, SOAP, HTTP/S, FTP and SMTP/POP3. Unlike other integration or composite application frameworks, Enterprise Enabler is not limited to just web services or other specific protocols.