About Stone Bond Technology that is HQ Houston, TX

About Stone Bond Technologies

Headquartered in the heart of Houston, Texas, Stone Bond Technologies’ Enterprise Enabler® is one of the fastest growing data virtualization platforms on the market.  Enterprise Enabler has been leading the innovation of data management, data federation and data virtualization since its founding in 2002.

As we continually grow and innovate, our objectives have remained constant throughout our growth:

  • Provide a single platform that delivers every aspect of data integration and access
  • Guide our customers in configuration, testing, and deployment
  • Constantly monitor all data flows and virtual data availability
  • Have the ability to scale up to enterprise demands and down to smaller specific projects

 Why Enterprise Enabler?

EE integration projects are completed in up to 90% less time than other data integration solutions.

  • Fastest implementation time to value in the market
  • Incorporates not only Data Virtualization, but ETL, EAI, and SOA into a single platform
  • Connect anything to everything with EE’s AppComm™ technology
  • Write-back to sources via the virtual model
  • Multi-endpoint data syncronization with transaction management
  • Pro-active monitoring of sources for schema chances

 From the Desk of the CEO

About Stone Bond CEO Tony SzaboLongevity, Confidence, Loyalty… Stone Bond Technologies has been operating since 2002. Over those years we have expanded our client base initially from the Energy Industry to Financial Service, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Hospitality and Manufacturing, just to name a few. To serve our expanding base of customers, we have grown our set of AppComms to accommodate the widest range of enterprise and line-of-business data sources.

We are committed to innovation. More than just adding features to existing offerings, our approach to information business systems is to make an enterprise’s data agile: to move efficient and easily, without barriers. More than just besting competitors, we strive to enhance our offerings to accommodate the continuously changing requirements of our customer’s customers: to give your customers a solution today that was different from yesterday but valuable to them on both days.

Stone Bond’s position in the data integration marketplace is due to our patented integration platform. Since we developed this technology, it is the engine that is fueling our expanding customer acceptance and allegiance. We are committed to developing new solutions for our current and future customers, like you based on innovative additions to our technology.

Deciding to partner with Stone Bond Technologies is a decision you should view as a growth advantage: as your relationship with Stone Bond Technologies grows, you get access to an ever expanding business system connectivity and workflow portfolio that is expanding, respected and stable.

Respectfully, Antonio (Tony) Szabó President & CEO Stone Bond Technologies, L.P.