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Industry: Waste Management & Logistics

Locations: USA

About Them: For over 20 years, Waste Management of America (WCA) takes pride in servicing 12 states (business and home residencies) by efficiently collecting, transferring, processing, and disposing of waste. They have more than 1,400 customer service employees and a fleet of over 850 vehicles to help carry their mission; provide safe, efficient and sustainable environmental solutions that enhance the livelihoods of all their servicing communities. They also take pride in understanding their local needs of each state and personalized services.

Business Need:

WCA had acquired a few small companies across the country that needed to be integrated with a multi-database platform: ERP Software, Dispatch, and Trux just to name a few (60+ systems) in a single environment.

Manually combining the different data types and sources from all the newly acquired entities was a long and tedious process that made it difficult to make any real-time operational decisions. There was a delay in generating the proper reporting and bringing the appropriate teams/departments up to speed.

SBT Solution:

Enterprise Enabler®’s Multi-Instance database connector and Data Virtualization technology, allowed WCA to generate real-time integration via web services. Today, they can make faster and near real-time operational decisions. They can create reporting a lot faster and share it across departments (Finance & Customer Service) with ease.


Why Selected:

” Our business partnership with Stone Bond and their feature-rich system, Enterprise Enabler (EE), allowed us to transform, virtualize and view data in ways that had (a) direct impact on our business processes.” Antonio Marin, Vice President, Information Systems at WCA

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