Service Industry



Success in the Service Industry is about providing an exceptional experience for the customers to build a loyal patronage. Whether the company is a hotel, amusement park, or national restaurant franchise, they all rely on data to customize their services based on customer needs, preferences, and behaviors.

  • Need visibility into all key business operations by seamlessly integrating information in reservation, customer relationship management, point of sale, gaming, and other systems across multiple brands, chains, and properties IN REAL TIME?
  • Need to effectively forecast guest attendance and activities to ensure that enough staff, food, and drinks are on hand to satisfy customer needs?
  • Need to create a single, consistent view of each patron or guest across all systems that house customer information to gain insight into customer needs and behaviors?

Service Industry Clients

The Enterprise Enabler Advantage

The Enterprise Enabler advantage will unify diverse information architectures to achieve deep insight into patterns and trends in attendance, consumption, marketing effectiveness, guest satisfaction, and other important metrics.

  • Improve pricing and revenue management by synchronizing financial data across properties and brands, and tracking key revenue-related metrics
  • Optimize patron value by improving the accuracy and consistency of guest information, and precisely predicting future guest activities based on attributes, characteristics, and past interactions
  • Maximize revenue by gaining a better understanding of the factors that impact loyalty and consumption