SAP ERP Data Integration

SAP is the most common ERP (Enterprise Resource and Planning) application; covering multiple sectors such as,

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Project Systems
  • Human Resources (to name a few)

Because of its broad nature, integration with SAP is one of the most critical factors for effective use of SAP software. You may have already discovered the limitation of using SAP’s native integration tools including Hana and NetWeaver.

Integration with SAP is typically difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

If SAP is the system of record for a broad range of business information, it is critical for the organization to be able to access more than just databases and SAP information for various mission-critical demands.

Making your SAP Data accessible

Enterprise Enabler® (EE) makes SAP integration easy to configure and deploy. EE’s single integrated development environment helps make SAP data available to other applications for analysis, decisions, and is essential for every enterprise operation.

EE also makes it easy for SAP to consume data from any other corporate and operational data sources including databases, instrumentation, Big Data, and other applications.

Companies ranging in size, from multi-billion dollar to medium sized businesses across the world, have used EE to simplify and significantly reduce the time-frames required to deliver SAP connectivity.

  • Create a Virtual Data Model that aligns SAP data with other data to enable queries for Business Analytics and operational data use. EE generates services with a single click (ODBC, JDBC, REST, OData, SharePoint, SOA, and others) without coding, leveraging its proprietary Data Virtualization technology.
  • Makes it very easy to quickly combine selected data from various BAPIs, federate them, and package for consumption or query.
  • Reduce the need to hire SAP programmers to create new BAPIs.

How it works

Enterprise Enabler walks the user through the configuration without requiring in-depth SAP knowledge. It shows you the standard and custom BAPIs in your system, and all you need to do is select the one or more that contain data of interest for your integration. If you need SAP data to be combined with additional information from other sources, EE can incorporate any source using the same interface. The visual tools for creating relationships across the different sources and mapping them to the destination are easy to implement in a matter of seconds/minutes. Whatever you configure, you can always leverage the secure end-user aware write-back to update data in SAP and other endpoints that need to remain in sync.

Simplify your business with APPCOMM™
View this short video to see how quickly (in seconds) we can connect to another application

If you have faced challenges with SAP integration, plus hiring ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) resources, then you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying Enterprise Enabler today.

Enterprise Enabler is a data virtualization solution