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We at Stone Bond are committed to ensuring your success and value creation with Enterprise Enabler. First of all, the platform is designed to reduce implementation time significantly and to shield the user from many technical details. Objects within the system are reusable, so there is no need to do the same thing twice.  You can develop, test, deploy and monitor from the same platform.

Nevertheless, most of our customers engage us work with them on their first implementations, with training, mentoring, Best Practices, and hands on help creating the solution. Some want us or one of our implementation partners to step in and implement the full solution for them. With our growing Services force, and the many implementation partners, we are positioned to provide whatever level of assistance fits your business.

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Implementation & Configuration

Implementation and Configuration

Stone Bond stands ready to implement your end-to-end solution, if that is the approach that fits your needs best. Our methodology is based on Agile principles, and solutions are typically configured in 50% to 70% less time than using other technologies. We also have Implementation Partners who are trained and certified and can help with your projects as well as maintaining them over time. If you purchase an iPaaS B2B solution, Stone Bond will always do the services to set it up, host it, and maintain it. Contact StoneBond for other iPass configurations.



Stone Bond personnel are available to train and mentor users to ensure a good fit in the existing architecture, and to help through initial decisions. You can read about our implementation services on another tab. While the platform is very easy to use, there is a learning curve to understand the breadth and depth of the product. If you don’t know a feature exists, for example, you will never design and implement to leverage it! As part of their purchase, Enterprise Enabler clients receive a full training curriculum specifically for their needs. A typical initial 3 day program includes the following topics:

  • Enterprise Enabler Solution Deep-Dive
  • Introduction to AppComms
  • Exposing Schema
  • Building Simple & Complex Templates
  • Building Maps
  • The Transformation
  • Using the Enterprise Master Service
  • Understanding The Process Designer
  • Using Nodes & Triggers
  • Pre & Post-Processing Functions
  • Implementing Data Quality Processes
  • Leveraging Integration Integrity Management

Additional training is available to cover special topics and topics related to your particular situation, and certification programs offered at various levels. We recommend that one of our architects be assigned to periodically check in with the project and progress so that they can confirm the approach and ensure the most flexible implementations as the work progresses.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

With Agile Integration Software brings obvious benefits of data federation and virtualization as well as a framework for many aspects of data management. One of the challenges for companies adopting this technology is achieving the mind-shift to be able to leverage it to the fullest. Our customers engage us to advise on overall architecture to address the agility required for next-generation enterprises. Gartner speaks of the “bi-modal” enterprise, where the legacy is separated from the new generation Internet of things (IoT), saying that they may never meet. In our opinion, when the mind-shift can occur, and Enterprise Enabler is dovetailed into the architecture, it becomes the glue that allows the two to interoperate. Stone Bond consultants are prepared to help your team architect for the next generation and to maximize your benefit of owning and using Enterprise Enabler. Sample consulting focus topics include: