Mergers and Aquisitions Data Solutions

Business leaders should be wary of embarking on a Merger & Acquisition (M&A) growth strategy whose success relies on integrating highly fragmented IT architectures.  Having a strong data integration strategy is imperative when acquiring, merging or divesting a company.

Today highly fragmented enterprises cobble together line of business systems with brittle point-to-point integrations. This patchwork mentality around integration inhibits a business’s ability to reveal & remove information blind spots, perform due diligence and complete divestitures, mergers or acquisitions effectively. This piecemeal strategy results in prolonged business transactions and integration initiatives, which can last, from fiscal quarters to multiple years.

Let’s look at an example, Company A currently runs on SAP but is planning to acquire Company B which is running on Oracle.  The logical next steps would be for Company B to move all their massive amounts of a data over to SAP, right?  This will take months of planning and possibly years to execute.

What if there was a better, easier, more cost efficient way?  Enter Enterprise Enabler.

With Enterprise Enabler, not only can it expedite transferring all that data over to SAP(or whatever system you are currently using), but it can also can quickly align all your new and old data sources and start evaluating the data in real-time.   What’s more, the integration can be executed within hours and without adversely affecting production IT environments. 

In addition, Enterprise Enabler gives you the option to eliminate unnecessary staging databases and data warehouses, thus creating significant cost savings and efficiencies for ongoing operations.