Government Data Virtualization Solutions

Government organizations possess a unique set of data challenges in addition to the same pressing IT initiatives that private businesses face. The federal government currently stores an average of 1.61 petabytes of data that ranges from census statistics to tax figures, from social security details to satellite images.

  • Need to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse and increase transparency of federal Big Data to better formulate public policy?
  • Need more respond rapidly to real and cyber security threats and potential criminal activity by analyzing obscure relationships and event sequences?
  • Need to improve mission outcomes by streamlining decision outcomes and operational intelligence with predicative capabilities?

In a bunker at a remote location that doesn’t allow flash drives and need to access high level secure data? No problem. With Enterprise Enabler, government entities can harness the power of Big Data and Business Intelligence in a single comprehensive enterprise middleware platform and be able to:

  • Work in a Hadoop environment with full CRUD capabilities without committing to a Hadoop platform.
  • Full connectivity to literally any data source imaginable. RDBMS, OLTP, OLAP, ERP, CRM; mainframe and cloud; big interaction data, including social media data; log files and machine sensor data; Web sites, blogs, documents, emails, and the most unstructured data possible can be accessed no matter where it is.
  • Achieve higher data quality and data governance by profiling, cleansing, and managing data, to increase understanding of federal big data and trust in its quality, and to manage its growth effectively and securely