Enterprise Master Service

Our Enterprise Master Service (EMS) creates virtual data definitions. This lets data be consumable by ANY application, database or device. Enterprise Enabler’s® EMS definitions support secure write-back to any back-end system. This provides out of the box data federated live from multiple sources packaged for virtual consumption as a web service (SOAP, JSON, REST) as an ADO.net object, or as an External List for SharePoint BCS.   All this is done without staging or programming and without limitations to XML and Web Services.

Enterprise Master Service (EMS) is a master data generator which generates specific virtualized packaged integrations that can be used across the enterprise. These integrations, called Enterprise Masters are managed by a Master Data Manager to ensure that everyone, regardless of the necessary delivery mechanism, is using exactly the same information.

Enterprise Enabler’s EMS leverages the proprietary transformation engine and our AppComm technology to virtualize and federate data in real-time across multiple sources.

Key Features

  • Delivers virtualized federated data from multiple sources without staging
  • Does not require stepping through XML on the way
  • Accessible from web service (SOAP, REST, JSON)
  • Accessible from ado.Net read/write as to object using EMS driver
  • Accessible from SharePoint 2010 as BCS external list
  • Write-back to multiple sources supports rollback to ensure clean transactions handling on failure