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Enterprise Enabler Data Freedom

Our mission is to make data integration easy for all users (ranging from the day-to-day business user to the Expert IT).  We want you to see firsthand how easy data integration can be, so we want to give you EE Data Freedom for FREE.

Why EE Data Freedom?

EE Data Freedom is FREE and a leaner version of Enterprise Enabler® 10; provides the same framework for agile data integration that will meet today’s data demands.

Free Complete Product*

Get the same leading data & application integration software technology without having to commit to the Enterprise edition.

  • Incorporates Data Virtualization, ETL, EAI, SOA and MDS in a single platform
  • Able to connect to any databases; instruments, Big Data, Cloud, and applications
  • Automatically generate and host query-able virtual models (ODBC, JDBC, SOAP, REST, oData, ADO.Net, BDC/BCS, etc.)
  • With Agile ETL you can federate on the fly

Quick Set-Up in 4 easy steps:

1. Install Data Freedom

2. Speak to one of our experts to ensure you’re getting the most out of our product and services


3. Receive Product Key


4. Get started

EE Data Freedom Features



  • Data Masking – Additional security to help keep sensitive information private across users while still being able to access it for reporting.
  • Agile ETL – The Data is not moved or copied anywhere and pulls only from the original source itself
  • Secure write-back to sources via the virtual model

data catalog

Data Catalog

An alternative way to search for the data in the new interface for faster information delivery


custom code snippetsCustom Coding

No need to leave the environment to write custom code snippets


100% Metadata Driven

What is Included in EE Data Freedom?

Not sure if EE Data Freedom is right for you?

Get Free Consultation: Talk to one of our experts first to see if Enterprise Enabler is the right fit for you.

*There are some limitations to the EE Data Freedom edition compared to the EE 10 such as the number of data sources & Query rows so download full spec sheet here to learn more.