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Integration Integrity Manager insures integration availability in complex, high-change environments

HOUSTON – April 19, 2012 – Stone Bond Technologies announces today the release of the Integration Integrity ManagerTM (IIMTM), module for Enterprise Enabler. The Integration Integrity Manager has been developed from Stone Bond’s patented (US7065746) Integration Integrity Process. When executed against templates in an integration, IIM identifies integration impacts such as missing fields, changes in data structure and additions/deletions to the target schema. The result is that IIM determines and reports the impact so corrections can be applied immediately.

Even with the best talent, integration problems can happen. Someone working in application support makes a change in the database or application but notification of the change does not make it to the integration development team. Under this scenario, the planned integration will fail. The IIM ensures integration availability by matching integration templates to the actual target data source. If the Integration Integrity Manager identifies a change in a data source or application, IIM will prevent the integration components from executing, alert the appropriate people and identify the precise parts of the templates that will need to be corrected to affect the proper integration..

“An integrated environment implies complex interdependencies”, stated Pamela Szabo, Chief Technology Officer for Stone Bond. She continues, “IIM is a sophisticated, user friendly module to insure integration availability. Once the potentially impacted elements are identified, IIM starts up its management process, which notifies the owners, with detailed information. The Integration Integrity Manager is another layer of confidence for developers, integration architects and data consumers. Any time someone makes a change, IIM prevents the catastrophic side effects of flawed integrations that cause bad decisions from bad information.”

While IIM is designed to be used in any environment, using the Integration Integrity Manager, along with the Enterprise Enabler integration solution, provides and even more robust change management environment. IIM leverages components from Enterprise Enabler to build and manage metadata and to access and monitor hundreds of types of data sources and destinations.

Features of the Integration Integrity Manager include:

  •     Detect a change anywhere in the integrated environment
  •     Analyze the potential impact of the change
  •     Eliminates potentially catastrophic situations resulting from change
  •    Notify “owners” of their impacted objects
  •    Pre-empts “fire-fighting” to figure out what happened after the fact
  •    Enables a secure, dynamic, adapting integrated environment
  •    Provides assurance for corporate governance that the integrated development is secure, protected and carries audit trails as change occurs

The Integration Integrity Manager for Enterprise Enabler is currently available in a general release.


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One or more United States patents cover Integration Integrity Manager. Enterprise Enabler Virtuoso is a trademark of Stone Bond Technologies, L.P.  Other trade names used in this document are acknowledged to be the properties of their respective owners.

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