Transformation Engine

Enterprise Enabler’s® transformation engine drives the logical, physical, and semantic transformation of data as it federates live from multiple sources.

Unlike competing transformation engines, EE’s engine does not require the extra step of converting data to XML before processing. Unlike legacy engines, it operates on data from multiple systems live, as opposed to requiring data to be staged in either a physical or virtual database.

The Enterprise Enabler transformation engine operates on metadata instructions that are defined by the user using Enterprise Enabler’s Active Integration Interface (Aii).  The Aii hides all of the technical complexity behind the scenes, so that configuration is very fast.  As transformation metadata (“maps”) are built, the transformation engine runs to give an actual view of expected results live for quick debugging.

Key Advantages

  • Federates data from disparate sources without staging or conversion to XML
  • Extensible for commonly used conversions
  • EAI and ETL
  • Embedded code editors and compilers (VB.Net  and C#) allow code fragments to be used for data transformations
  • Lookups for aligning key fields is built in
  • Aliasing so that you are working with field names that make sense to you
  • Variables that can be set in the outside data workflow for conditional treatment
  • Design time validation; single click test against actual sources
  • Many performance tuning features