The utilities industry is constantly being challenged by deregulation, changing energy policies, supply management concerns and fluctuations in price. This makes the leveraging Big Data and Business Intelligence not only a cost-effiecient strategy, but the difference between being competitive one day and being out of business the next.

IT Department trying to continually control costs and provide increased value, while trying to keep up with business demands? Having trouble with data fragmentation from multiple mergers? Legacy tools not pulling consistent, reliable and auditable data from disparate sources for regulatory compliance reporting?

Utilities Clients

Enterprise Enabler for Utilities Solutions:

  • Keeps data fresh and in real-time by federating data sources without relying on staging to reduce “data lag” , so compliance reports can use data with confidence
  • Powerful data cleansing, matching and reporting and monitoring capabilities
  • Leverage supply and usage data to capitalize on seasonal and cyclical consumer trends