TRUX & waste management software integration

TRUX is a waste management software suite that offers software solutions for finance, operations, and logistics for the waste industry. Stone Bond’s integration software platform, Enterprise Enabler® or EE, is able to quickly align data from TRUX and other applications like Salesforce, Sage, SAP, and SharePoint.

TRUX integration projects take a fraction of the time to complete, saving thousands of IT hours and reducing tech debt with our platform. Additionally, Enterprise Enabler eliminates the expensive TRUX reporting costs by creating a virtual data model that can be used by any reporting tool.

TRUX Integration Solutions

TRUX Integration

Harness your data for a competitive advantage.

Customer Value & Benefit:

  • Improve business decisions
  • Reduce analytics cost
  • Eliminate TRUX reporting costs
  • Remove data warehouse
  • Lower operations costs
  • Identify opportunities quickly
  • Sustain data management strategy
  • Time to value
  • Reduce tech debt
Use Case Examples:

Integration Use Case Examples for TRUX Customers:

  • Synchronization of Salesforce and TRUX Customer data
  • Automated validation and movement of TRUX ledger entries into SAP or other ERPs
  • Portal mashup between real-time location data (web services) and TRUX vehicle status data

Our customers have greatly benefited from Enterprise Enabler’s Data Virtualization. Now they can relate their TRUX data to other data sources, web services, and applications, providing a clear view of all their data sources in one unified environment.

How It Works:

Once configured, Enterprise Enabler can connect natively to the TRUX database using Stone Bond’s unique endpoint connection technology called AppComm™. Enterprise Enabler then uses Data Virtualization to allow the data to be related to other applications and other data sources (federated). Then Enterprise Enabler can expose all regional and company data so that it appears as one data source, allowing a comprehensive view of all data to enable more informed business decisions. For example: How much does vehicle maintenance cost per routes grouped by region?