Expand Mainframe data possibilities with Enterprise Enabler

Do you have bottlenecks inside your IT organization accessing your Mainframe data? You sure do! Once you get the data, is it in a friendly format that is reusable across the Enterprise? Are you kidding! Is it even possible to do analytics from Mainframe data? Not without Enterprise Enabler ® What if you could connect your data natively and in real time? What if you didn't have to worry about how to get to your Mainframe data at all?

Imagine If...

  • You could incorporate Mainframe data into your virtual data models alongside your other non-Mainframe, cloud and on premise sources
  • Your business process management (BPM) tools could access those virtual data models with a single click
  • All your analytics and BI tools had instant access to these virtual data models
  • Mobile devices in the field could share data with and from the Mainframe
  • You could actually write-back to those Mainframe and other sources securely and directly
Mainframe data into your virtual data models alongside your other non-Mainframe, cloud and on premise sources
One Click Generation. Discover Data Virtualization here

Expand your Mainframe Possibilities with Enterprise Enabler®

Enterprise Enabler® (EE) is the leader in data management, data federation and data virtualization. EE is the only integration technology in the market that handles all of the modalities within a single integrated development environment; allowing every built component reusable not only for Data Virtualization but for ETL, EAI and ESB as well

Combining Mainframe Data with Other Data Sources

Mainframe Data Virtualization is the solution to access your data without having to physically move it and you can have real-time access to that data
  • Stone Bond leverages our Mainframe AppComm™ to easily add Mainframe data as a source in a virtual data model.
  • The Mainframe AppComm provides full read/write access to a wide range of Mainframe data sources on both z/OS and z/VSE platforms.
  •  Explore Mainframe data sources with ease:
    • Databases: IMS, DB2, Adabas, CA-Datacom, CA-IDMS
    • Files: VSAM & flat files
  • EE enables you to easily create relationships between Mainframe data and other disparate sources including databases, applications, mobile, hierarchical, instruments, and Big Data. Now you can solve Mainframe data integration challenges as if it were any other data source or destination.
  •  With the push of a button, you can securely expose, combine, and virtualize data to popular BI tools like Tableau and to other applications in standard formats like REST and JSON including mobile apps.
  • You can now address any imaginable Mainframe integration scenario. We take care of “the hard part.”

With Enterprise Enabler® Mainframe data is easy.

With EE Mainframe schema discovery, you can simply drag and drop data sources from one or more endpoints to configure mappings, integrations and data virtualization which eliminates the need for Mainframe knowledge or programming effort – no hand coding or managing a data warehouse.