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For owners and operators of logistics departments and companies you face a daily challenge of maximizing your productivity while lowering your operating costs.

You are constantly faced with the following issues:

  • We can’t make good decisions if we don’t have good/current data
  • We know we are missing revenue opportunities but we don’t know from where
  • Inefficient routing and scheduling is costing us more money everyday

All of these answers can be found in various places across your enterprise.  It’s in HR databases, on diagnostic instruments, in financial systems and a plethora of complex spreadsheets. Your team does the best they can to combine and make this data useful, but still, by the time you get the data consolidated it is stale and no longer relevant.

Enterprise Enabler’s scalable platform enables logistics companies to integrate all their existing data points, giving you access to critical real-time data for fast business decisions.  Our patented Data Virtualization engine makes it easy to convert data into useful and reusable information in minutes and hours rather than days and months.

Enterprise Enabler®recently helped one logistics company in the waste management industry:

  • reduce maintenance inventory & overuse of preventive maintenance by $1.3M
  • increase route pick-ups by 10%
  • improve truck field time by 18%

All this was accomplished within less than two months of implementation. Estimated 2016 savings for this company is now predicted to be over $5M.

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