Agile ETL




Of all the integration patterns, ETL is the old workhorse that has been around almost as long as there has been data. The idea of ETL is to extract data from relevant sources, transform it to the database schema of the destination, and push it to that database (Extract-Transform-Load). With most ETL products it is necessary to establish a separate staging database which combines and accumulates the data from each source in order to make it available in the destination’s required form.

The advent of Enterprise Enabler, an Agile Integration Software, updates the concept and scope of use for ETL. Now you will see ETL used as a caching mechanism for other integration patterns, and you will see real-time ETL replacing classic ETL, completely eliminating the need for staging databases.

Enterprise Enabler brings a modern, agile perspective to ETL:

  • Integrations configured in the Integrated Development Environment IDE), with no programming required
  • Federate data live, eliminating the need for a staging DB
  • Transformation engine combines, aligns, and transforms data from multiple sources in their native form
  • Access data from any source and populate any destination
  • Incorporate into event-driven workflows
  • Reuse the configurations in other integration patterns such as SOA and Data virtualization
  • Apply modifications in 2 minutes through the IDE, as opposed to programming
  • Package the integration as a query-able service

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