Quickly configures virtual data models

Enterprise Enabler (EE) is a one of a kind data virtualization platform that unifies information silos for visibility across multiple data sources all in real-time.  This means you can analyze business data as it is occurring to maximize the use of assets, minimize costs, and improve/refine your business processes.

EE integration projects are completed in up to 90% less time than other data integration solutions and eliminate the need of costly data storage and warehouses.

With its exceptional easy to use graphical interface and its Integration Integrity Manager (IIM), you can configure, modify, and manage your corporate data flows and systems without any programming.

Key Features

  • Quickly configure virtual data models…or ETL
  • Access and federate ANY combination of sources:
    • Applications, databases, big data, unstructured services, instrumentation, and IoT(Internet of Things)
  • Configurable caching – In Memory or Database
  • Sync across any sources in the model as well as data stores or sources external to the model
  • All objects configured are reusable throughout the enterprise,  in DV, ETL, EAI, Services or any of the other integration modes supported by EE
  • Traceable data lineage
  • Monitor sources for schema change, impact analysis, and notifications before execution
  • Build business logic or connect to existing business logic via the extensible development model
  • En-route Data Cleansing
  • Logging, dubugging and notifications
  • Full featured Process Design and Execution Engine

EE’s Single Integrated Platform Includes:

Enterprise Enabler Differentiators

  • Fastest implementation time to value in the market
  • Incorporates Data Virtualization, ETL, EAI, SOA and MDS in a single platform
  • Connect anything to anything with EE’s AppComm™ technology
  • Greatly reduce the need for programming via EE’s robust transformation engine
  • Write-back to sources via the virtual model
  • Quickly adjust and adapt to the changing needs of the business with EE’s agile interface
  • Multi-endpoint data synchronization from model changes, with transaction management
  • Multiple end user security models to ensure changes only when authorized
  • 100% metadata driven
  • No need to leave the environment to write custom code snippets
  • Pro-active monitoring of sources for schema changes that could impact any run-time integration
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