Design Studio

Within the integrated Enterprise Enabler® Design Studio, users create point-to-point, hub and complex multi-source federated integrations within the Active Integration Interface (Aii). The Aii replaces the traditional clumsy mappers used in other tools with an intuitive, easy to use graphical interface.

Our AppComm technology, utilized within the Design Studio, also allows for bi-directional data exchange with full change management.

With the integrated codeless Transformation Engine, the Design Studio eliminates the requirement for  XML & XSLT transformations and it supports full role based and user level security semantically meaningful, standards-compliant views and data services within the native to native engine.

Key Features

  • Easy to use powerful graphical interface
  • Build templates against the exact schema of your sources and destinations
  • Simple drag and drop fields create instant relationships
  • Manage all aspects of your integration and be able to reuse components in other integrations
  • Ability to qualify and massage your data prior to integration
  • Provides complete visibility, traceability and control
  • Perform impact analysis each time a change is detected and prevents the catastrophic side effects of crashing systems or bad decisions due to bad information
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