Cloud Data

The cloud data relies on flexibility, agility and cost-effectiveness that traditional infrastructure never could. As cloud solutions mature, every kind of company is moving to the cloud to eliminate capital expenditures, reduce risk, and more easily adopt big data, social media, and mobile computing solutions.

To increase adoption, data from cloud applications cannot reside solely in the cloud—there must be interaction with other line-of-business apps as well as legacy and on-premise applications and databases. To access to key information, business processes need to be run within cloud data applications as well.

StoneBond’s Cloud Data Integration enables automated scheduling of jobs as well as task-flow sequencing of multiple jobs to make it easy to integrate cloud data applications into the enterprise application ecosystem.

High Performance Data Synchronization

Manage apps in the cloud or on premise

Reduce Time-to-Analysis as much as 90%

In order to be effective at leveraging your Cloud Data assets, integrating Cloud Data sources must be treated with streamlined transformation, federation, and virtualization, in an extremely unified architecture. This is necessary to provide the high performance requirement and is achieved by eliminating the classic steps through multiple components for extraction, transformation, staging to federate, and transforming again to align to the destination. It also requires the ability to address complex data manipulation with inline quality checks and error management.

You need to be able to integrate data quickly and easily to stay on top of your business. To provide rapid access to critical information for the users who need it most, Stone Bond’s Cloud Data Integration fuels data transformation through a drag-and-drop user interface.  Enterprise Enabler has full read-to/write-back capability to apps, on-premise applications, and databases, and support for multiple objects to manage contacts and accounts.

Replicating relevant cloud application information and manipulating the data so that it’s in the right format greatly speeds up your core reporting, compliance, and business intelligence processes. Streamline your critical business processes and increase your end-user productivity. Enterprise Enabler provides real-time access to data whether in the Cloud or on-premise without writing a single line of code

Leverage Cloud applications for enhanced BI & Anlytics functionality

Moving enterprise-class business intelligence (BI), data integrity processes, and integration to the cloud has never been faster or easier. Leveraging the cloud brings a host of opportunities not usually found within the walls of a corporate enterprise. The cloud brings an elasticity to try new architectures, explore new applications and meld your legacy data with Social and New Media for breakthrough business tools such as Predictive Analytics. With Enterprise Enabler you have the solution for Federating, Virtualizing and Leveraging your Big Data in the cloud. The secure and scalable infrastructure that Enterprise Enabler creates helps to accelerate time-to-value, ensure maxium security for privacy standards like HIPPA, and protect all data involved with full, frequently-tested disaster recovery procedures.

  • Easily build integration workflows & deploy across cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Drag and drop data sources, targets, and advanced transformations.
  • No developer interaction with the cloud application endpoints at Web Services Description Language level.
  • Cloud data integration workflows can quickly be built from scratch or by modifying existing integrations.
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