Active Integration Interface (Aii)

The Aii (Active Integration Interface) Designer within Enterprise Enabler® will guide you through the process of creating, integrating, modifying and testing interfaces between applications. Using the Aii Designer’s graphical user interface, a DBA, user or system administrator creates aiis (maps) that describe the source and destination data formats, as well as the means with which the data will be manipulated through the transformation process.

The clean drag-and-drop functionality eliminates the on-screen confusion of traditional mappers that often lead to expensive integration mistakes. The layered architecture of the Aii Designer makes it equally compelling for all levels of users to leverage Enterprise Enabler’s live connectivity at design time and be certain that even very complex integration will work flawlessly when they click to deploy their integration.


The Aii Designer also provides a robust security model, versioning, and the ability to perform impact analysis on changes to endpoints or shared metadata before they are deployed. This provides higher data quality, as well as an inherent chain-of-custody and exceptional audit trail.

Key Features

  • Provides a real-time intuitive configuration interface for data virtualization, federation and integration
  • Eliminates requirement to transform data to relational, XSLT or XML formats prior to virtualization, federation and integration
  • Users are able to effect the transformation from native to native formats
  • Aii eliminates as much as 90% of the time normally required to implement integrations
  • Users have a streamlined environment to develop and execute complex, multi-source integrations
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